TestWise 2013 is Launched

14 August 2013

TestWise 2013

James Heal are pleased to announce the release of TestWise 2013.

This innovative test and analysis software works exclusively with the features-packed Titan4 universal strength tester, and now boasts new functionality and even more pre-loaded Standards – all designed to simplify the testing process and accelerate work flow.

The TestWise library now contains more than 300 preloaded national and international Standards and retailer test methods, enabling the user to start testing quickly.

The software uses even more Standards specific terminology to eliminate user uncertainty and to help speed up the testing process.

The innovative Standards Editor function makes it simple to modify existing test methods and create new ones with ease. Modified settings are saved with the test file, so tests can be easily repeated, and with a few clicks test data can be exported.

Standards Library

The new software is even more flexible, with the ability for new Standards and test methods to be installed, which is especially useful if a less common test is required.

The useful ‘Favourites’ function allows users to easily select and repeat tests that are frequently performed, and means that it takes just three clicks to start testing.

TestWise 2013 combines innovative features with a familiar user-friendly ‘Office’ style to provide the most intuitive and intelligent test software to date.

TestWise Graphing

All new Titan4 orders come with TestWise 2013, and for customers that purchased a subscription to the Software Maintenance and Support Package in the last year, an upgrade is free.

Customers without a subscription can subscribe now for a one, two or three year maintenance and support package and get an immediate upgrade to TestWise 2013. As well as providing an annual software update, the support package also offers expert online technical assistance.

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