The James Heal LinkedIn Textile Testing Group hits 2,000 members

16 September 2014

Our Textile Testing Group, a social media group on LinkedIn set up in May 2010, recently achieving a milestone by passing 2,000 members and is now firmly established as the go-to group for professionals within this sector of the Textile Industry.

The LinkedIn group was established to provide an online forum for the global Textile Testing industry to enable its members to raise textile testing issues or questions. Used by fellow specialists and industry professionals, the forum allows members to share knowledge, ideas, best practices and insight and also to gain technical guidance on testing instruments, test materials & standards and test methods.

WIDE RANGE OF TOPICS - Group members regularly engage with others on the forum to discuss a wide range of subjects. These include the latest Textile Testing industry news, information on laboratory design and development, testing consumables, instrument calibration requirements, new and revised International and Retail Testing standards plus test methods for light & colour fastness and physical testing.

Discussions will often start with a request for help or clarification, while others offer updates with revisions of standards such as the ISO standards for testing the tensile strength of fabrics and an update on the standard for Random Tumble Pilling.

'Knowledge Shares' are also popular, a recent post from the Test Materials Centre Manager at James Heal, offered advice to the groups on How can you have more confidence in your test results?

GROWTH & GLOBAL DIVERSITY - Since its inception the Group has experienced a very healthy growth in membership and has since become the leading, largest and fastest growing knowledge forum on LinkedIn dedicated to the discussion of textile testing issues. In 2014 the membership has risen significantly and in July we reached a millstone membership figure of 2,000.

The global diversity of the textile industry is reflected in the diversity of the membership which covers all continents, (with understandable exception of Antarctica). In 2014 alone, new membership covered 54 different countries from Argentina to Australia, from Bangladesh to Brazil and from Poland to Peru.

"Although the largest percentage of our current membership", reports David Leedham, Strategic Marketing Manager at James Heal and the group's owner, "are from countries with long established textile traditions such as India, UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA, China, and Turkey, we also are seeing new members from countries with emerging textile markets such as Iran, Kazakhstan, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Members are from a range of differing companies and organizations; global retailers, prestigious brands and sportswear companies plus representative from all of the world’s leading test houses are all present.

A STRICT 'NO SELLING' RULE - The Group is focused totally upon sharing knowledge and encouraging engagement with members of the textile community so consequently observe a strict 'no selling'. Although it is a private group, new members are welcome from those who work directly within the textile testing arena, have responsibility for product compliance or have a genuine interests in sharing or increasing their own knowledge

To ‘Join the Conversation’ go to LinkedIn and search ‘Textile Testing Group’ or follow this link - LinkedIn Textile Testing Group