Textile Testing Knowledge and Expertise

25 June 2013

At James Heal we are dedicated to supporting customers with all their testing needs. We are particularly knowledgeable about textile and garment testing and we have a number of textile testing experts who are on hand to answer your questions and provide useful advice about textile testing instruments and test materials (also known as textile testing consumables).

We have our own testing laboratory to simulate a working textile testing environment so we fully understand the conditions faced by textile testing operators and we develop our products with this in mind.

Textile Testing Martindale

James Heal provides a number of testing solutions for fabric and garment manufacturers including the following:

  • Colourfastness to washing, chlorinated water, dry cleaning, perspiration, water, light, heat and rubbing
  • Garment and fabric durability testing
  • Physical tests – strength (tensile tests), pilling, snagging, abrasion, digital tear testing, pneumatic bursting strength
  • Light Fastness Testing
  • Flammability Testing – children’s sleepwear, bed linen and curtains have, for example, specific requirements in flammability testing
  • Dimensional stability testing – the results of these tests demonstrate shrinkage and appearance retention and are used to define care labelling for clothes and furnishing fabrics

In addition to the textile testing solutions described, we aim to share our knowledge and expertise. We work closely with testing experts from a range of industries throughout the world to identify new applications for our textile testing equipment and to resolve specific testing problems and issues.

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One of the ways we are able to share knowledge is through our LinkedIn group Textile Testing. With over 1,300 members, including textile testing experts from around the world, you can access insightful articles and discussions about textile testing and you can post a query which our members will help to resolve.

Join our LinkedIn group Textile Testing to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our members.

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