Test Materials Video

15 May 2014

We have recently launched a video to promote Test Materials that we manufacture and sell to complement our testing instruments. We are proud to promote the fact that our testing consumables are manufactured, processed and tested in our own purpose-built Test Materials Centre in Halifax in the UK. Here we have facilities for warping, weaving, inspection, cutting, stamping and sewing, as well as for physical, colour fastness and chemical testing.

The video incorporates a number of photos featuring key test materials products (Crocking Cloths, Detergents, Yellowing Test Kit, Martindale Test Materials, Makeweights, Multifibre, Blue Wools, Photographic Standards, Grey Scales and Pilling and Snagging Materials). The video also includes short captions demonstrating why people should buy James Heal test materials.

This is the second video that we have developed using this software and we will be launching new videos to promote other James Heal products and services. The video has been added to our James Heal You Tube channel and it can be viewed on the Test Materials page on the website.

Click on the screen below to watch the video on the James Heal You Tube Channel or see the link below:


James Heal Test Materials Video

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