Techtextil 2017 opens in a few days

05 May 2017

At 9.00 am on Tuesday 9th May the doors of the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt will open and Techtextil 2017 will begin, and as at numerous previous exhibitions, James Heal will be there.

At Techtextil Emmanuelle Pagot,one of our International Sales Managers and Lisa Earnshaw, Product Manager will be joined by colleagues from Carl von Gehlen GmbH & Co., our exclusive sales and service partners in Germany, to demonstrate our range of precision testing instruments and to discuss technical applications and solutions to meet specific testing needs in a wide array of industry sectors including apparel, home furnishing, medical, automotive, leather, and outdoor wear.

Amongst the key instruments on show will be: 

TruBurst - an intelligent bursting strength tester with unprecedented functionality and with an extensive selection of test options, performed on a wide range of materials.

Titan - our 5kN Universal Strength Tester with its extensive range of tools and specimen grips, intuitive software and automated processes, to give laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of tests offered.

A selection of Titan Tooling and Grips

A selection of our precesion tools and grips available for our Titan Universal Strength Tester.

ProMace - Mace Snag Tester which we believe to be the safest, most efficient, accurate and repeatable mace snag tester available anywhere in the world. It is designed to rapidly determine the snagging resistance of robust apparel and furnishings fabrics. ProMace has been further enhanced with our new and totally intuitive Touchscreen User Interface on which the end of end of test time is clearly displayed and the time periods can be set very easily for the inspection of Points, and the change of Points and the Felt Sleeves.

We are the leading supplier of Martindale, based on over 60 years of testing and development, and the sale of thousands of instruments worldwide. This also has the James Heal Touchscreen, the most intuitive and simple to use controller on the market.

James Heal instruments at Techtextil 

Our ProMace snag tester, TruBurst, Martindale Touchscreen and ElmaTear - Electronic Elmendorf tear tester.

The exhibition continues until the 12th May and the team in Frankfurt look forward to meeting current and future customers.