Revolutionary Light Fastness Testing

30 July 2013

With a reception surpassing all expectations, James Heal’s TruFade is proving to be a revelation by bringing a completely fresh approach to light fastness testing.

TruFade pushes the boundaries and challenges existing product design with its unique and innovative features – all designed to simplify the user experience.

From touch screen controls that are akin to a smartphone menu, to triangular sample holders that allow up to 27 specimens to be tested at a time, we’ve innovated, not complicated.

And the innovative features don’t end with product design.

TruFade’s software effortlessly tracks the fading progress of samples and the life of the lamp and filters with a traffic light system that shows their status at a glance.


Extensive testing during product development emulated operation in typical environmental conditions, so customers can be assured that TruFade will perform in line with light fastness testing Standards in any environment.

Produced using aircraft-grade aluminium components and presented in James Heal’s unique product signature, TruFade’s product quality is evident from every angle and is proving to be just what the market was waiting for.

To find out more about TruFade, watch our video, take a 360° product tour , visit the web page or contact us