Pilling Testing in the News

15 April 2014

The issue of Pilling is being extensively covered in the press at the moment. Earlier this year we spotted an enlightening article in the Wall Street Journal "How to Prevent and Fight Sweater Pilling". Elizabeth Holmes discusses the irritation of pilling for consumers and the difficulties in predicting whether an item will pill. A photograph of a James Heal Martindale was featured and there was reference to the Martindale and Random Tumble Pilling Tester.

Martindale Pilling Testing

Since then we have read a few further articles in the trade press including an interesting article in ‘Textile’ – The Quarterly Magazine of The Textile Institute. This article was written by Sandra Smith, Softlines technical consultant for Bureau Veritas. In the piece Sandra explains the issues and tests associated with pilling. The James Heal Martindale and Pilling Box Tester are also featured.

The following quote illustrates the content of the article.

“Pilling creates many issues for retailers and consumers, but what are the causes, why does one fabric pill more than another and which tests work best. Wearer trials aren’t always possible and some tests are tougher than others”.

Unfortunately the articles are not available online as the publications are only available to members and online subscribers.

We are pleased that people are reporting retailer and consumer concerns with pilling and we hope to help in the testing of garments. We offer several instruments for the evaluation of pilling including Martindale (abrasion and pilling tester), Orbitor (pilling and snagging tester) and Impulse (random tumble pilling tester) so you may need to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We also supply photographic standards which are used to evaluate the level of pilling following a test.

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