Our Test Materials images get a 'Make-over'.

15 September 2014

We decided recently to create a new set of images for our extensive range of consumables and worked with a local photographer, Jon Hutchings of Jam Photographic, to produce new photographs of our Test Materials products. Jon has done an excellent job for us, as you can see for yourselves from the images below, which I believe now firmly reflect the quality of the actual products themselves.


The images were taken in 'family group', the pictures below show, from left to right, firstly our range of MultiFibre products which as you can see come in various roll sizes and also in pre-cut pieces, next is our range of products for the Martindale which includes materials which we offer by the length and pre-cut plus an example of the original Martindale Abrasive Cloth, woven and nonwoven felt pads and polyurethane foam. The next image illustrates Makeweights which are also known as 'Ballast' or 'Loading Fabrics' and are used to make up the load in washing, dry cleaning, drying or durability tests. The final picture on the right is of Crocking cloth, also known within our industry as 'cotton lawn'.

We also arranged for photographs to show a representative examples of our range of Detergents, which as you can see below, are available in sturdy plastic 2 Kgs tubs or fibre drums in 15 Kgs and 90 Kgs. The second image from the left shows products of our Phenolic Yellowing Test Kit, and the other two pictures on the right illustrate a selection of our Greyscales and also a selection of our Blue Wool Standards including some of our bespoke options.

The final pictures in the 'family group' section includes examples of our consumables to test for Pilling and Snagging including cork linings, pilling tubes and snagging bars. The picture in the centre show examples of our Photographic Standards which are still widely used for evaluating surface changes after testing. The picture on the right shows examples of our products used for AATCC Standards.

In addition to the 'family group' images we also have new images to represent products from our extensive range of Test Materials. The new images are now on our company website, below left, and within our new Test Materials brochure on the right.

David Leedham

11th June 2014