NEW AccuDry - our smart and intuitive tumble dryer

04 March 2015

We are pleased to launch the latest model of our AccuDry, a leading instrument for repeatable and standard conditions for tumble drying.  This air-vented tumble dryer is used to simulate domestic laundering conditions and is designed to minimise operator time.

AccuDry3 now encompasses 50Hz and 60Hz in one machine, making it suitable for use in more countries around the world.  An IEC C19/C20 type connector has been added to the back for ease of installation, removing the need to cut wires and install new plugs to meet the socket requirements of a particular country.  Every AccuDry3 comes with European, UK and Chinese plugs, with alternative options upon request.

An additional improvement to the AccuDry3 means that it is now equipped with an intuitive James Heal UniController, a smart and innovative interface which allows operation of the machine to be programmed in two steps.  Test time, temperature and cooling time can all be set quickly and easily by the user, allowing for customisable tests suitable for a range of standards, including those for Marks & Spencer, Next and the Woolmark Company.  As this is the same UniController as featured on the GyroWash, Orbitor and Impulse, the instrument is especially easy to use for laboratories which already have these products.

Other benefits of this improved instrument include an easy to remove compartment for the collection and removal of lint, and a smart black counter which has been ergonomically designed to bring AccuDry3 into line with the rest of the James Heal range.

For more information about the improvements to AccuDry, and to confirm suitability for your country, please get in touch.