More than just service engineers...

01 November 2012

Mark, James Heal Service and Calibration Manager, discusses the role our service and calibration engineers play when they're travelling the world.

Our engineers really get to see some sights and get asked unusual questions when they're out visiting customers - why is this particular part of your machine this colour and what machine do I need for this particular standard?

You expect service engineers to fix things and have access to the correct spare parts. Also, calibrating knowledgeably and professionally to UKAS and ISO 17025 Standards is a given. However, our service engineers can also give operator training onsite right where the customer needs help. They also have applications knowledge, which allows them to give advice and help on testing solutions. If our engineers do not know the answer straight away, they have direct access to the experts back at James Heal, who can supply the answer.

Our service engineers operate a technical support service for customers who partake in service and calibration. They also support our agents and partners in the field to provide a responsive local service.

Whilst visiting thousands of customers every year, the service engineers are not just looking for obvious service or calibration issues. They are also interested in the user experience. What people like about our instruments, what don't they like, and how they are using them. This information is then fedback into the design and production process at James Heal to ensure we continue to make great instruments.

More then just service engineers? I think so.

Tags: Service and Calibration