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31 July 2013

Since the success of last year’s Olympic and Paralympic games and the Queen's jubilee celebrations, there feels to be a renewed sense of pride in Britain, and this enthusiasm seems to have translated into a rise in demand to ‘Buy British’

From websites dedicated to all things British, such as 'Thoroughly British' with their frequent Tweets and blog posts about the British Fashion industry to 'Buy British' an online directory of British goods, manufacturers and services, it seems that the demand for home grown products is increasing.

Large retailers also seem to have started to respond to this demand for products manufactured in the UK.

High street and online retailer John Lewis recently announced that they are aiming to increase the amount of UK made goods that they sell in their department stores by 15 percent by 2015.

As part of its biggest ever campaign to sell more British-made goods, the company’s Managing Director Andy Street has specifically mentioned the textile industry as part of the plans. He said that John Lewis want to help ‘repatriate’ UK textile manufacturing back to the UK from overseas factories.

Another high street retailer, Marks and Spencer, have also recently launched their Autumn menswear collection – Best of British. As the collection’s title suggests, a great deal of emphasis has been put on the origin of the clothing, which has been designed and manufactured entirely in the UK.

Made in Britain

The collection was inspired by the M&S archive, and aims to combine the rich UK textile heritage with modern styling, with a focus on British craftsmanship and quality throughout.

The city of Leeds is home to the Marks and Spencer archive (the company was established there nearly 120 years ago), and is close to our headquarters here in Halifax, in an area which was once at the heart of the British textile industry.

With approximately 95% of our products exported overseas, as a business we have seen the huge shift in the textile industry to produce goods outside of the UK. It would be cheaper for us to set up in another part of the world and manufacture our instruments there, but we are committed to our heritage, the quality of our goods and British design and craftsmanship. We are pleased to say that our products are still in demand too, as we continue to produce innovative textile testing equipment, of the highest quality, backed by an extremely knowledgeable team of people here in Halifax and a 141 year history of serving the textile industry.

So, we’re very pleased to see an increase in demand for all things British, particularly when it comes to textiles and fashion, and hope that these British products will also be tested using British designed and manufactured instruments.

Learn more about our history in the textile industry here

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