James Heal at DTG 2014 in Bangladesh

27 February 2014

The DTG (Dhaka Textile and Garments Machinery Exhibition) in Bangladesh, which this year took place from February 12-15, 2014, continues to be an extremely valuable exhibition for James Heal, a company who design and manufacture textile testing instruments and produce high quality Test Materials.

The exhibition was very well attended with an excellent footfall of high quality visitors to the James Heal stand which, as in previous years, was shared in partnership with their local representatives in Bangladesh, Overseas Marketing Corporation (Pvt.) Limited.

The success of the exhibition was a welcome indication that the textile industry in Bangladesh is once more moving forward as Simon Dakin, the International Sales Manager at James Heal commented, "It is very encouraging, after a few months of political instability inside the country, to witness the increased confidence of those within the textile industry and a return to stability and normality".

At the exhibition members of the James Heal team had the opportunity to meet many existing customers to finalise current projects and to discuss new ones. Meetings were also held with several potential customers to discuss their needs for Textile Testing Instruments and Test Materials. Mr Dakin adds “It was extremely beneficial to meet representatives from some of the most well equipped and leading edge testing laboratories that can be found anywhere in the world”.

Of exceptional interest to visitors to the James Heal / OMC stand was the Titan Universal Strength Tester, for textiles, non-wovens and leather. Titan is used for a variety of tests such as tearing, seam slippage and stretch & recovery. Visitors were attracted by the extensive range of tools, grips and attachments available for the Titan to test specific garment elements. These include the security of the attachment of buttons, rivets and decorations such as diamantes, clamps for testing upholstery fabrics and the Zip Test Kit to test the strength of zip elements. The James Heal Titan incorporates TestWise, an easy-to-use software package which is pre-loaded with an extensive range of national and international standards, as well as retailers’ test methods.

Visitors were also interested in news of the latest model of the James Heal GyroWash, the washing and dry cleaning colour fastness tester which now features the intuitive UniController™. This user interface incorporates a programmable electronic temperature controller and a countdown timer. As you would expect from James Heal instruments, the latest GyroWash testers are built to last and are designed for continuous use in wet environments.

An additional new feature of the GyroWash range is a drainage shelf with a perforated grill to hold the test vessels when not in use. Loading and unloading the vessels is extremely easy as a result of customer focussed design improvements incorporating spring loaded mechanisms which eradicates the need for tooling. Additionally the new GyroWash can accommodate a combination of large and small vessels which are interchangeable for complete flexibility.

The James Heal TruBurst pneumatic bursting strength tester continues to be a very strong product in the Bangladeshi market with increased realisation it is the best instrument of its type available in the market. This instrument has been fitted with intuitive dual control functionality which enables the selection, via a touchscreen, of the required standard or retailers’ test method. Consequently, as this instrument can be configured for ‘specified time to burst’ and ‘flow control’, it can be used to satisfy both ISO & ASTM standards M&S P27 and adidas 4.09.

Other James Heal instruments on display at DTG 2014 were the Wascator, a programmable washing machine to test for shrinkage and spirality, the TruFade Light Fastness Tester and the Orbitor, a pilling and snagging tester, as well as the comprehensive range of high quality testing laboratory Test Materials offered by James Heal.

James Heal are already looking forward to the DTG 2015 exhibition with renewed confidence.

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