Introducing TechSmart: Reliable, expert technical support - wherever you are in the world

18 July 2017

We've improved how we support our customers, as we aim to provide not only the highest quality instruments and test materials - but the service and support to match. Taking on board customer and user feedback, we have re-developed our overall support offerings and called it TechSmart - our new name for Technical and Applications support.

Customers can access TechSmart support in many different ways; and we have summarised this below:

TechSmart Starter: Free self-help service, for all customers with any James Heal instrument, to access Engineering and Applications FAQs, Standards information, Operator’s Guides and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) via online KnowledgeHub.

TechSmart Super: For customers with a Titan instrument, we recommend our TechSmart Super package, which is a paid support service providing direct access to James Heal's technical and applications specialists, online support, remote support and diagnostics, plus free software upgrades for our TestWise software. 

TechSmart Super+: Custom consultation and training for customers who need expert one-to-one guidance on using the instrument, applications advice, interpreting Standards and Test Methods, and advice on how to correctly prepare specimens for testing. Contact your local agent or James Heal for more details.

> For more information, download our eBrochure.

Who uses our support?

Laboratory Managers, Technologists and Operators rely on James Heal’s expert support to increase efficiency and minimise downtime. TechSmart Super is our paid support package, recommended for customers with a Titan universal testing instrument. 

Why should you subscribe or renew your support subscription?

As textile technologists ourselves, we know that providing the best instruments is only half of the equation. Some support issues can only be resolved through specialist advice, diagnostics and applications support for your instrument and software - direct from the experts.

If you have a Titan instrument with TestWise software, and have previously had a support agreement with James Heal that has now expired, you may wish to consider renewing your support package.

Renewing your expired support package is entirely optional, but a TechSmart™ Super support agreement from James Heal will ensure your continued access to the following exceptional benefits:

  1. Flexible, reliable support: Wherever you are in the world, you can access our free online KnowledgeHub, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 
  2. Applications Expertise: You'll receive expert support from James Heal for the duration of your agreement – 1 or 3 years. Our support is available to you via our online support system, which gives you direct access to our Technical Experts and Applications Specialists.
  3. Free software upgrades: With a support package from James Heal, you get all of the benefits from our latest software upgrades - at no extra cost to you. Our products continue to evolve via frequent updates/bug fixes. If you want new features, ever-improving usability, the latest standards and test methods, our TechSmart™ support ensures you continue to receive all the latest software updates and significant upgrades throughout the year – for faster, smarter testing. Major software releases include significant features upgrades to ensure your software is as efficient and accurate as possible, to improve productivity within your laboratory and reduce downtime.
  4. Peace of mind: If your technicians and operators depend on our instruments and software for materials testing, whilst you may not need to access our support service every day, having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed Technical and Applications support team offers fantastic peace of mind that should a problem arise; we are here to help you - wherever you are in the world.

Upgrading & Renewing

The TestWise 2017 software upgrade is available for FREE for customers with a TechSmart™ Super Software & Applications Support Package. Renewing your support package now ensures that the privileges of software maintenance and technical/applications support can continue uninterrupted.

For more information about TestWise 2017, you can:

browse our Titan webpage 

download our eBrochure

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contact us to find out more information about how to upgrade your current TestWise software to TestWise 2017

> contact us to renew and re-subscribe to a new TechSmart Software & Applications Support Package

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