Healbot - A New Addition to the James Heal Team

03 July 2013

Healbot - James Heal components

Meet Healbot, the newest member of the James Heal team.

Healbot is the creation of the James Heal Academy and the outcome of their latest challenge.

The Academy members were tasked with creating a piece of 3D artwork and this fantastic robot is the end result. Entirely designed and produced by The Academy, Healbot is made from testing instrument components (that we manufacture here in Halifax), and is a representation of different areas of the business, including electronics, design and manufacturing.

Here at James Heal we're always evolving and want to both preserve traditional skills and develop new abilities. That's why we developed The Academy. Rather than just a traditional apprenticeship scheme, The Academy challenges our young workforce with a wide variety of projects, giving them insight and experience of all areas of the business and developing their personal and professional skills whilst working as part of a team.