Introducing TestWise 2017: Advanced software made simple - for faster, more intuitive testing

17 July 2017

TestWise is our flagship software, developed by Textile Technologists - for Textile Technologists, and built with the operator in mind for faster, more intuitive testing for more efficient and reliable results. 

Our latest software release, TestWise 2017, is here - offering an improved user experience and more advanced capabilities, to address the needs and challenges of today’s testing laboratories. TestWise Test Analysis Software helps to increase efficiency and productivity within your laboratory.

"Compared with some of the more complicated software systems on the market, which require operators to spend days learning how to use the software;  we appreciate that operator training is a burden for busy laboratories, which is why TestWise has been designed with a simple and intuitive user-interface. No operator training is required, so you can begin testing within just 3 clicks. This improves efficiency and reduces downtime," says Peter Goodwin, Head of Technical at James Heal.

What's New?

With TestWise 2017, we have incorporated these benefits with new features and functionality, helping you to optimise your laboratory efficiciency, and maximise productivity with reliable results.

New upgraded features include:

  • 100+ New Test Procedures - now over 500 Standards
  • Sportswear Focus - new calculations added for adidas, Puma and Under Armour. It includes preloaded standards for compression and energy loss testing and hysteresis for stretch fabrics containing elastomeric yarns
  • Improved Functionality - new ‘Auto-accept’ function - less clicks to perform tests. Observations are now defined by the standards making them more specific and more relevant to the test
  • New 'Export to PDF' option - all reporting can be saved directly to PDF, speeding up the process of producing the final test report


Benefits to your Laboratory:

1. Make your job easier

Recent customer research has revealed that 99% of our customers are either 'Satisfied' or 'Highly Satisfied' with their current TestWise software, and rank the following as the main benefits to their laboratory:

  • Ease of use / Intuitive
  • Speed and efficiency of testing
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Accuracy and reliability


2. Get better results

3. Smarter testing

Created by textile technologists & standards driven - using the same terminology as the Standards. Observations (also called 'attributes') are now defined by the standards making them more specific and more relevant to the test.

4. Faster, more intuitive testing

The simplest, most user-friendly textile testing software. TestWise 2017 enables faster set-up times because the software is so simple, intuitive, and easy to use. No operator training is required. Simply plug in and start testing within 3 clicks!

Introducing....TechSmart expert application and software support for Titan and TestWise

Current James Heal customers with an existing Titan instrument, and a subscription to our TechSmart Software & Applications Support* package, get all of the benefits from the latest software upgrade - completely free.

To learn more, you can subscribe, or renew your expired package, here. (If you re-subscribe by the 31st August 2017, you can claim a 15% discount!)

*Please note, that we are improving how we support our customers, and we have changed the name of our support package, previously known as TestWise Test Analysis Support Package (SMP), which is now simply called: TechSmart

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