4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Test Analysis Software

27 June 2017

There has been a great deal of media coverage recently about the importance of keeping software up to date.

Take the recent NHS ‘Ransomware’ attack. For the benefit of our readers outside of the UK who may not have seen this news, the National Health Service (NHS), provides public-funded healthcare for all UK citizens. In May 2017, its entire computer network was subject to a ‘ransomware’ attack that scrambled data on computers and affected the telephone system, which brought the NHS system to a halt and caused major disruption in healthcare for thousands of patients across the UK.

On reflection, it seems the attack may have caused less damage if the NHS’s MS Windows software had been up to date….

You will all be familiar with software updates and upgrades for your computer and mobile phones. Companies often release software updates to fix vulnerabilities in the current software to avoid any exploitation by virus attacks. It is therefore advisable to always take advantage of the newest software releases as soon as they are available.

The same applies with your textile testing software. We appreciate that budgeting plays a huge role in the decision to upgrade software; however, deciding not to update software, or not to upgrade to newer versions, could result in significant consequences for productivity and output.

If you are currently operating a James Heal Titan with an older version of TestWise software, you may wonder: ‘What is the benefit to my laboratory if I upgrade, it’s working fine at the moment?’

Here are four reasons why upgrading to the latest software makes great commercial sense for your laboratory:

1. Make your job easier – get better results

Newer versions of software include new features and functionality gained through feedback received from users throughout the year; meaning we develop our software with user needs at the forefront of the design. Efficiency and productivity can be increased with each software upgrade, as users develop more knowledge, and can complete testing faster, with ease and confidence. 

Recent customer research revealed that 99% of our customers are either 'Satisfied' or 'Highly Satisfied' with their TestWise software, and rank the following as the main benefits to their business:

Ease of use / Intuitive

Speed and efficiency of testing

Flexibility and adaptability

Accuracy and reliability

With our our newest TestWise 2017 software upgrade launching soon, we have incorporated these benefits with new features and functionality, helping you to optimise your laboratory efficiciency, and maximise productivity with reliable results.

2. Access latest standards

As technology advances, and the scope of materials testing broadens into new markets and applications; the needs of your laboratory continue to evolve.

At James Heal, our aim is to develop software that evolves along with you and with the needs of the market, continually adding new features and functionality to help you accomplish even more with your testing,” explains Andy Teal, Lead Software Design Engineer.

Peter Goodwin, Head of Technical elaborates that, “we upgrade our TestWise software on an annual release cycle, meaning that James Heal customers benefit from annual upgrades, and therefore regular opportunities to stay as up to date as possible, helping you take advantage of new standards and test methods, improved features, bug fixes and most importantly – consistent, reliable, and accurate results. TestWise 2017, our latest test analysis software upgrade, includes 98 new standards,  with a focus towards Sportswear, to address the ever growing needs of brands and retailers worldwide.

3. Increase efficiency and reduce downtime

Software helps to keep your instruments running at optimal performance for more reliable results and less downtime – meaning your instrument investment is maximised for the lifecycle of the product. Compared with some of the more complicated software systems on the market, which require operators to spend days learning how to use the software;  we appreciate that operator training is a burden for busy laboratories, which is why TestWise has been designed with a simple and intuitive user-interface. 

"Our TestWise software is developed by Textile technologists – for Textile technologists," explains Peter. "As the simplest, most user-friendly textile testing software on the market, no matter how experienced your laboratory team is, TestWise enables faster set-up times because the software is so simple, intuitive, and easy to use - with multiple languages and 500 standards to choose from, no operator training is required. Simply plug in and start testing within 3 clicks!"

4. Flexible, hands-on support (with FREE Software Upgrades)

Laboratory Managers, Technologists and Operators rely on James Heal’s expert support to increase efficiency and minimise downtime.

With TestWise 2017 Test Analysis Software, customers have access to James Heal’s expert technical team, for reliable, technical and applications support wherever you are in the world. With a Software and Support package from James Heal, customers get free TestWise software upgrades, with at least 1 every year!

Final thoughts

The Textile Market and testing Standards are continuously evolving - and so should your materials testing software.

Our latest software release, TestWise 2017 for Titan Tensile Testers, offers improved user experience and more advanced capabilities, to address the needs and challenges of today’s testing laboratories.

"With TestWise 2017, our Textile Technologists and Software Engineers have listened to customer feedback, working together closely to improve and develop our software to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Our goal is to help you to increase your laboratory's overall operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and most importantly, increase your own customers' satisfaction" says Peter.

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