TruBurst - Bursting Strength Tester


Pneumatic bursting strength tester

TruBurst, with the TestWise Pro software, offers unprecedented functionality to enable an extensive variety of bursting strength and fatigue tests to be performed on textiles and a wide range of other materials.

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TruBurst bursting stregnth tester

TestWise Software

Our intuitive software, 'TestWise for TruBurst', is available in two options; 

TestWise Lite is supplied as standard and allows test results to be saved to a PC and printed.

To access the advanced features such as cyclic, rapid fatigue, extension and recovery, to view live data, export to Excel and the creation of user-defined tests, TestWise Pro is recommended.

New Applications

TruBurst full cotton burst cycle

TruBurst is used to test a variety of materials including textiles, nonwovens, plastic bags, food packaging, tissues, tin foil and medical products. Initially designed for testing textiles, the variety of applications for our TruBurst instrument continues to increase.

We are interested to develop this instrument for new applications so please get in touch to discuss your potential project.

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Benefits of TruBurst

TruBurst magnetic domes

Five interchangeable domes with auto recognition, by the software, of the dome size. Dome and diaphragm changing is tool free to speed up the testing process and to reduce instrument downtime.

Laser distension measurement

The non-contact laser measurement of the distension ensures precision accuracy and excellent repeatability of test results and offers increased reliability and life of the diaphragm.

Integrated safety guard on TruBurst4

The safety guard on our TruBurst is now an integral part of the instrument, sliding up to provide easy access and  enabling valuable laboratory bench space to be better utilized.


Our 'TestWise Pro' software is an optional extra offering enhanced features including the ability of the user to have full control of the test parameters and to enable cyclic tests to be performed.

Intuitive 7 inch colour touch screen on TruBurst4

The clear and uncluttered intuitive 7 inch colour touch screen is very responsive and enables easy set-up, standard selection and testing to maximise user efficiency and to minimise training time.

Our unique feature of automatic flow control for M&S P27 and Adidas 4.09 gives tremendous time-savings for the operator and also creates opportunities for a greater number of tests to be performed.

Increased Efficiency

TruBurst has many exciting and innovative features which give substantial time-savings for the operator and can maximise user efficiency and minimises training times. These features contribute significantly to an increase in instrument accuracy and efficiency, creating opportunities for a greater number of tests to be performed.

Integrated safety guard on TruBurst4, moving gif

What can you Test with TruBurst?

PVC fabric bursting on TruBurst4

TruBurst is used to test the burst strength of knitted products such as T-Shirts and sportswear, both with and without Lycra.

Burst strength of plastic bags on TruBurst4

TruBurst is used to test the Burst Stength of plastic materials such as supermarket bags. 

Woven and non woven products tested on TruBurst4

The instrument has wide and diverse applications for a range of woven and nonwoven products.

TruBurst is used extensively in the medical industry to test wound dressings, artificial skin and hernia patches.

Pill packaging

TruBurst is also being used to test paper products, food packaging and aluminium foils.

Malaria nets

Burst testing of life-saving mosquito nets - used by the  World Health Organisation (WHO) and global net manufacturers


Support Services

We understand that you are looking for a full package so we offer complete support for the full life of your TruBurst Burst Strength and Fatigue Tester:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Breakdown Support
  • Applications Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Service & Calibration

Find out more about our full support services.

TruBurst Accessories

TruBurst allows you to conduct a range of test methods and functions including cyclic testing and multiaxial testing. Whatever test method you are performing, we recommend using genuine James Heal spares and accessories.

We have created a range of diaphragms to complement our burst tester, allowing you to test a variety of materials and to comply with different standards and retailers' test methods.

  • Plain diaphragms
  • Reinforced diaphragms
  • Low pressure diaphragms

Find out more about accessories in Test Materials.


Product Brochure

The product brochure contains in-depth details about our TruBurst pneumatic burster.


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Corporate Brochure

Our corporate brochure contains details of our key instruments and other services.


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