New ElmaTear electronic elmendorf tester

For a complete service for textile test materials, talk to James Heal. For over 40 years, we’ve supplied test material to the highest standard of consistency, reliability and performance.

Our test materials are manufactured, processed and tested in our own purpose-built Test Materials Centre in the UK, where we have facilities for warping, weaving, inspection, cutting, sewing, processing, and packaging.

All the components for these test materials are also sourced within the UK, allowing us to have complete control over the production process. Strong relationships with our UK suppliers mean we have a common understanding of the standards which we are aiming for and the required tolerances, and we audit them regularly to ensure these are being achieved.

ElmaTear electronic elmendorf tester

Why choose James Heal for your consumables?

James Heal Test Materials - consisten consumables

Whichever James Heal testing products you choose, you can rest assured they will have undergone rigorous performance testing in both our own and external UKAS approved laboratories.

ElmaTear - preloaded standards

All our testing materials are totally compliant with the relevant standards and specifications for unmatched reliability, and are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

James Heal Test Materials - made in the UK

Our test materials are manufactured, processed, tested and packaged in our own purpose-built Test Materials Centre within the James Heal premises in Halifax, England.

James Heal Test Materials - convenient world map

You can access our products more locally, more quickly and pay in local currency because we hold stock in countries around the world. Find your local agent here.

Test Materials - flexible package sizes

Our extensive range means there will be a quantity/pack size suited to your level of testing. Pre-cut samples are available for a lot of our products, eliminating preparation time.

James Heal Test Materials - our extensive knowlegde

James Heal makes test materials and instruments, giving our team an in depth understanding of how they integrate so we can offer you the best solution possible.

What we offer...

AATCC Test Materials

AATCC Test Materials: a range of genuine AATCC test materials.

Blue Wool Standards: for testing colour fastness to light.

Crocking Cloth: for testing colour transfer.

Detergents: for colour fastness and shrinkage testing.

Grey Scales: for assessing colour and staining.

Makeweights: for shrinkage or durability testing.

Martindale Test Materials: for abrasion and pilling tests.

Multifibre DW: European and American.

Multifibre LW

Multifibre LW: Approved by Marks & Spencers.

Phenolic yellowing

Phenolic Yellowing: yellowing test kit.

Blue wool colour fastness measurement

Photographic Standards: for assessing the appearance of specimens.

pilling snagging

Pilling/Snagging: complementary test materials.

Watch our short video for an introduction to Test Materials (also known as Testing Consumables). You can rely on James Heal for quality test materials to complement our precision engineered testing instruments.

Corporate Brochure

Our corporate brochure contains details of our key instruments and other services.


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