ProView Universal Assessment Viewer

Simple and Efficient Grading

ProView, our Universal Assessment Viewer, makes the grading process easy and efficient with access, via a ‘swipe’ of the integrated 7” touchscreen, to pre-programmed photographic assessment images.

In additional to images to assess the results of mace snag testing, ProView also has pre-loaded images to grade other test methods including Martindale and Snag Pod.


The photographic assessment images pre-loaded into ProView, which can be used to grade results from various test methods, are listed below.

  • ASTM D 3939 Mace snagging (9 images).
  • Snag-Pod; complies with BS8479:2008 and BHS TM46
  • Martindale: SM 50 for woven fabrics - Martindale (20 images).
  • Pilling Box: SM 54 for knitted fabrics - Pilling box (20 images). BS 5811:1979 & M&S - Woven (5 images), BS 5811:1979 - Single jersey (5 images) and BS 5811:1979 - Double jersey (5 images).


Benefits of ProView

ProView - library of preloaded images

LIBRARY OF ASSESSMENT IMAGES  ProView contains a preloaded library of photographic images to grade a range of test methods.

James Heal ProView - easy to navigate

EASY TO NAVIGATE - The preloaded library of standards are accessed via an easy to navigate menu, all within the integrated 7" touchscreen,

James Heal ProView - Empa pilling images

EMPA PILLING STANDARDS - In agreement with Swissatest Testmaterialien AG, the so-called EMPA images are pre-loaded into the ProView

ProView sample holders

SAMPLE HOLDERS - A range of sample holders, suitable for different test methods, make the process of assessing and grading the samples very clear.

James Heal ProView - a range of standards

RANGE OF STANDARDS - In addition the EMPA pilling standards from Swissatest, grading photographs for other standard bodies and retailers are also preloaded.

ProView suitable for mace snag testing

MACE SNAG TESTING - For mace snag testing to ASTM and JIS standards an assessment cabinet is required - the ProView is supplied for this purpose.



ProView Flyer

Further information on the the key benefits and the dimensions of the ProView, Universal Assessment Viewer, is available on this flyer.


ProView Flyer

Corporate Brochure

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