Multifibre DW

European - ISO 105 F10

We manufacture our Multifibre adjacent fabric on-site in Halifax using modern, high speed, weaving machines to optimise quality and consistency. We inspect every metre of Multifibre to ensure you receive perfect fabric every time. It complies with the requirements of ISO 105 F10 and is approved by Marks & Spencer, NEXT and many other UK and European specifiers. We supply Multifibre in rolls or cut pieces (Multifibre strips).


Multifibre LW

Approved by Marks & Spencer, our Multifibre LW is as the traditional Multifibre DW, but the Acetate strip is replaced by a regenerated cellulose strip.

It is considered that regenerated cellulose is more relevant than Acetate to the fibres commonly found in current apparel fabrics.

We have added a thoroughly tested colourfast identification strip into the selvedge of our Multifibre LW to aid stock identification.

multifibre LW
Multifibre weaving

Exquisite attention to every detail - we employ only experienced and diligent weaving technicians.

Inspecting Multifibre

Passion for perfection - we inspect visually every metre of Multifibre to ensure a fabric of the highest quality.

Supervision by textile technologists - we guarantee strict compliance with all relevant standards and test methods.


American - AATCC

We stock the full range of American Multifibers required for performing AATCC Color Fastness Test Methods.

There are warp and weft stripe materials manufactured from a variety of fibers. We supply Multifiber in rolls or cut pieces (Multifiber strips) - choose which is best for you.

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multifibre strips

Great Partnerships

Gyrowash washing and dry cleaning testing

Use our Multifibre with Gyrowash: wash fastness and dry cleaning colour fastness tester.

Use our Multifibre with Perspirometer: colour fastness testing of fabrics to perspiration, water and sea water.

Use our Multifibre with Thermaplate: testing colour fastness of fabrics to dry heat, hot pressing and sublimation.


Certificates of Conformity

Free Certificates

Most of our test materials come with free certificates of conformity. Download a real Multifibre certificate of conformity to see for yourself. Log in or register an account with us to access all certificates.

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Multifibre Conformity Certificate


Test Materials Brochure

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