Martindale Test Materials

For Abrasion and Pilling Tests

At James Heal we manufacture test instruments and test materials so we appreciate the critical relationship between instruments and test materials. In our purpose-built Test Materials Centre, we exercise particular care and diligence to ensure that you receive totally compliant test materials for your Martindale tester.

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You can purchase our Martindale consumables by the length or pre-cut. Pre-prepared test materials save time and avoid waste.

The original Martindale Abrasive Cloth (worsted repp), woven and nonwoven felt pads and polyurethane foam are readily available.

We stock alternative abradents, including Scotchbrite, for testing safety gloves and for microscratching of polished or gloss surfaces.

Martindale Instrument Models

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Mini-Martindale - 2 stations for low volume testing.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Midi-Martindale - 5 stations for medium volume testing.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Maxi-Martindale - 9 stations for high volume testing.


Certificates of Conformity

Free Certificates

Most of our test materials come with free certificates of conformity. Download a real Martindale Abrasive Cloth certificate of conformity to see for yourself. Log in or register an account with us to access all certificates.

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Martindale Test Material Conformity Certificate


Test Materials Brochure

Our Test Materials brochure contains in-depth information and specifications about our Test Materials.


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Our corporate brochure contains details of our key instruments and other services.


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