For Shrinkage and Durability Testing

Makeweights, also known as 'ballast' or 'loading fabrics' are used to make up the load in washing, dry cleaning, dimensional stability, drying or durability tests.

We manufacture Makeweights to the precise specifications demanded by various ISO standards. We also supply American Makeweights as specified in AATCC Test Methods.

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Makeweights for textile testing

We control the quality of our makeweights at every stage of manufacturing. Cotton ballast, wool ballast and polyester ballast.

Non standard makeweights

We have introduced the new 100% cotton makeweight (Type 1) specified in ISO 6330:2012.

bespoke makeweights

We are flexible and responsive and are prepared to produce non standard makeweights to your requirements.

Great Partnerships

Wascator European Washing Machine

Use our Makeweights/Ballasts with Wascator: our standardised European washing machine.

Use our loading fabrics with Accudry: our standardised European laboratory tumble dryer.

Use our Makeweights/Ballasts with Dynawash: our garment and printed fabric durability tester.


Certificates of Conformity

Free Certificates

Most of our test materials come with free certificates of conformity. Download a real Makeweights certificate of conformity to see for yourself. Log in or register an account with us to access all certificates.

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Makeweights Conformity Certificate


Test Materials Brochure

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