TruBurst - Bursting Strength Tester


FlexiFrame is used for stretch, growth and recovery testing in several standards where the use of a tensile tester would be prohibitive due to the time (usually several hours) required for testing. It is supplied as either portable or wall-mounted to suit your laboratory environment.

The FlexiFrame is standardised and calibrated, giving you and your customers confidence in the quality and repeatability of your results.

A range of accessories are included with the FlexiFrame, including hanger assembly and stackable weights. This means the user has everything they need to begin testing to the relevant standard.

User error and working out time are minimised as the instrument is also supplied with a dimensional stability ruler, allowing the user to work out both measurements and percentages at the same time.

TruBurst bursting stregnth tester


Key Features

FlexiFrame - complete flexibililty

FlexiFrame offers the user ultimate flexibility - it allows for the testing of both woven and knitted fabrics on any station to a range of test methods. 

FlexiFrame - timers for each station

Each station is equipped with a timer which can be numbered, allowing the user to take it away from the instrument to complete other tasks.

FlexiFrame - Calibrated to ISO 17025

The Flexiframe can be calibrated to ISO 17025, giving you and your customers confidence in the repeatability and accuracy of your results.

FlexiFrame - a range of accessories

Accessories including weights and wire hangers provide the user with the tools they need to test to ASTM D3107, Arcadia AG31, Ralph Lauren and ASTM D2594.

FlexiFrame - options to suit every laboratory

Supplied as either a portable 6 station instrument, or wall mounted in multiples of 3, to suit your laboratory environment and meet your testing needs.

FlexiFrame - dimensional stability ruler

A ruler which measures stretch and shrinkage in both distance and percentage is an effective way to simplify the measurement of results.


Support Services

We understand that you are looking for a full package so we offer complete support for the full life of your FlexiFrame:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Spare Parts
  • Service & Calibration

Find out more about our full support services.

FlexiFrame Accessories

FlexiFrame can be ordered with everything you need to start testing:

  • 3lb Weight Assembly
  • 8lb Weight Assembly
  • 1lb Stacking Weight
  • Bar for Weight
  • Wire Hanger
  • Roller for Wire Hanger


FlexiFrame Flyer

Further information on the the key benefits and the dimensions of the FlexiFrame is available on this flyer.


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