DurAbrasion - One instrument, many applications


One Instrument, Many Applications

We’ve used our expertise in Martindale testing to create the DurAbrasion, a flexible abrasion instrument which can be used across a broad range of products. It’s ideal for research and development, and for those who don’t have a test method for their product.

Testing that can be completed on the DurAbrasion includes wet and damp testing, lacquers, coatings, wood, laminates, paints, textiles, thick samples, liquids, sprays, powders, straps, ropes and shoelaces.

DurAbrasion, one instrument, many applications

Testing Options for the DurAbrasion

WET & DAMP TESTING - A special water bath allows for testing the abrasion resistance of properties or products which are required to resist the penetration of water. This includes footwear, waterproof and water resistant garments.

DurAbrasion - lacquers and coatings

LACQUERS & COATINGS - An attachment tests the colour fastness and abrasion resistance of printed matter on which a lacquer or coating has been applied, for example brochures and flyers. Some automotive parts could also be tested.

DurAbrasion woods and laminates

WOOD & LAMINATES - Fully compliant with EN16094, this option for our DurAbrasion enables the testing of resistance to abrasion of a range of materials including wood floors, high pressure laminates and furniture surfaces.

DurAbrasion - Paints & Coatings

PAINTS & COATINGS - This attachment is used to test paints and coatings on hard surfaces, examples of which are automotive parts and white goods, such as dishwashers, cookers, washing machines and refrigerators.

DurAbrasion textile testing

TEXTILE TESTING - This pilling and abrasion tester is incredibly versatile with many uses within the apparel and textile sectors. The textile station can be set up to sit along side another single station option, for example wood testing.

DurAbrasion - Straps, Ropes, Shoelaces

STRAPS, ROPES & SHOELACES  - This attachment is specifically designed to test the abrasive properties of multiple types of cord and belting. This includes products such as shoelaces, rope, cord, straps, cables, tape, webbing and belts.

DurAbrasion - Thick Samples

THICK SAMPLES - The design of this attachment enables tests for the resistance to abrasion of thick samples to be undertaken on products such as carpets, leather, shoe components and vinyl. We offer a choice of abrasives such as rubber sheet or hexapod studs.

DurAbrasion textile testing

LIQUIDS, SPRAYS & POWDERS - A removable table offers the flexibility to apply liquid, sprays or powdered products onto the specimen material, such as fabric, and for it to be positioned and secured within the sample holder, away from the instrument.

Product Information

Further information on the DurAbrasion is included in this brochure.