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Elastomeric Abrasion Tester

The ElastAbrasion, compliant with ASTM D8115 and formally approved by Volkswagon (PV3984) is manufactured in the UK and was designed in collaboration with the Automotive rubber industry.

Comparative tests show excellent accuracy and repeatability.

Importantly the multi-directional abrasion closely reflects the abrasion of elastomeric components when in situ within a vehicle and consequently provides authentic and accurate results.

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HIGHER EFFICIENCY - No requirement for reference sample material or specialised sandpaper. Comparative tests indicate savings in cost and time of 80% compared to rotary drum (ISO) abrasion testers.

VOLKSWAGEN - The James Heal ElastAbrasion has been tested and approved by Volkswagen, the German automotive company and is compliant with Standard PV3984.

AIR CLEANED - Air is directed at high velocity onto each abrading station to continually clear debris from the abrading tables so as not to compromise the testing process.

AUTHENTIC RESULTS - Unlike quasi-static testing instruments, our multi-directional abrasion closely reflects the abrasion of elastomeric components when in situ within the vehicle.

FULL FLEXIBILITY - The ability to change the number of cycles, speed and different grades of paper ensures the ElastAbrasion is ideal to perform a range of different tests for the elastomeric industry.

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY - ElastAbrasion has four stations and is able to tests four samples simultaneously offering substantial time savings and increased productivity.

ADAPTABLE PRESSURE - Different weights can apply pressure to the sample enabling different types of elastomeric products, of different thicknesses, to be tested.

INBUILT SAFETY - Moving parts are within the cabinet which also contains the rubber debris. Compared with other testing solutions, this is an extremely significant improvement in user safety.

EASY ACCESS - The hinged top plate allows easy access to all testing stations enabling efficient operation, while the intuitive interface is outside of the cabinet for ease of set-up


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ElastAbrasion Accessories

Whichever products you are testing with the ElastAbrasion we recommend using genuine James Heal spares and accessories. These include

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ElastAbrasion Brochure

Our ElastAbrasion brochure contains further details of our innovative instrument.


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